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Welcome to Rajnandini Metal Limited, Faridabad

Rajnandini Metal Limited Founded in the year 2010, a young dynamic set out on a mission to do his bit for the people, for industry, for a country that is developing fast. Indenting of metal based raw material provided him the vital foothold. A foothold that promised an ascent to greater heights. Today, Mr. H.R. Sharma can look’ back with pride at the foundation of a rock-solid organization that leaves nothing to chance.”He has now created a legacy & philosophy, which could produce only winners.”

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Copper Scrap

Copper Ingot

Steel Scrap

Zinc Scrap

Lead Scrap

Copper Rod

Why Choose us

Here are numerous reason to choose us but mentioning everything isn’t possible in this web page so take a look on some prime reasons. We deals with Copper, Brass, Zinc, Aluminium and Ferrous & Non Ferrous metals etc. Due to the quality of our trading components, we are catering our customers in India. With experience of more than 8 years in this industry, we are able to provide complete customisation to our customers with the help of our highly experienced team of professionals.

Following are the features which have enabled us to cater our customers :

  • Most competitive prices
  • High performance
  • Packaging
  • On time delivery
  • High conductivity