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Zinc Scrap

Our Zinc Scrap include – Score and Dross. Zinc score consists of clean, dry and unalloyed zinc sheet scrap. Zinc Score is being used for production of zinc sheets also meant for printing industry, for common castable alloys and lead copper-zinc alloys; for hot zinc plating of ready-made products as well as materials; for producing zinc powder used in metallurgical industry and also for production of zinc oxide used in chemico-pharmaceutical industry; for fine chemicals; for acquiring zinc powder used in accumulators.

We offer Zinc Scraps in various forms like Die Cast, Zinc plates, Roofing Zinc, Irony Zinc Boring and Turning, etc and Selling Zinc Scrap in very reasonable price interested buyers may contact us.

Old Zinc Die cast Scrap

Remelt Die Cast Zinc Scrap

Mixed Zinc Die cast Scrap