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Company Profile


In the year 2010, a young dynamic leader set out on a mission to do his bit for the people, for industry, for a country that is developing fast. Indenting of metal based raw material provided him the vital foothold. A foothold that promised an ascent to greater heights. Today, Mr. H. R. Sharma can look’ back with pride at the foundation of a rock-solid organization that leaves nothing to chance.“He has now created a legacy & philosophy, which could produce only winners.”


Rajnandini Metal Limited

With its head office in Faridabad (Haryana), Rajnandini Metal is acknowledged as one of top most trading house, not only in India but also internationally. Its product range covers base / primary metals, secondary metals & alloys, minor metals, ferro-alloys, all ferrous & non-ferrous scraps, recyclable plastic scraps, finished & semi-finished metals and steel products, and alloying additives for smelters and foundries.


Management Team

We have experienced & skilled management team to motivate the sub-ordinates & staff to step towards their achievements & organizational goals. With their efficient management skills & co-ordination with sub-ordinate, they are always working as a catalyst to encourage the entire team for the development & nourishment of the organization.


Traders Team

Rajnandini Metal Limited has right talent at the right time, to enhance the net worth of human capital and to obtain the best possible person-to-job, which will contribute to company’s effectiveness. Rajnandini Metal has a good team of efficient & qualified traders, who are proficiently enhancing the business scope of the Rajnandini Metal through their knowledge & expertise in their area & segment continuously. In Rajnandini Metal, traders are working with enthusiasm & zeal for the overall organizational growth. Their continuous market research analysis & continuous learning are supportive for increasing the productivity & quality of the services.


Global Reach

Global resourceful network of the Rajnandini Metal is expanding the business scope in the 15 countries & nourishing the relationships with the numerous buyers & suppliers over the world. Global reach of Rajnandini Metal expanding to the entire world with their wide product-mix & marketing segments. Rajnandini Metal creating the rigid presence in the various segments like, recycling industries, steel raw – materials, plastics, chemicals, petrochemicals & construction industries. Rajnandini Metal is serving best quality products & services to all the buyer and suppliers as per their satisfactions & desire.



Rajnandini Metal works as a crucial business interface, networking between manufacturers / processors / yards and consumers / traders worldwide. Amongst its clientele, Rajnandini Metal has top notch companies from Steel, Automotive, Light / Heavy Engineering, Construction, Chemical & Electronic Industry. It pursues business based on quality contacts, information and service. Rajnandini Metal is well knit team comprising talented & experienced traders, logistic personnel & accountants. Based on your interest in buying or selling.


Quality Policy

We at Rajnandini Metal Strive to provide quality services through our resourceful global network. Adding Value to customer’s business is our motto and our success is driven by intelligent solutions and a solid commitment towards achieving customer satisfaction.




Committed to growth, Rajnandini Metal is looking at establishing itself as a truly solution providing company in the world metal industry. It embarks on creating & developing newer markets viz. Africa, East Europe, Latin America, etc. and adding them into its mainstream business network. It also looks at delving into trading & production opportunities which allows integration and impetus to its current activities.